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onTAP Series 4000 Delivers Robust, Automated JTAG Solutions With The Highest Possible Fault Coverage.

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The onTAP Boundary Scan JTAG Solution…it’s just logical

Flynn Systems is a global industry leader for automated boundary scan test and programming solutions, delivering IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.x compliant hardware, software, turnkey products and services.

  • Higher test fault coverage
  • Safer, more stable tests with testability guards
  • Accurate and precise pin level diagnostics
  • Configuration and Flash programming
  • Memory and Cluster testing
  • Less test development time per project
  • Full, responsive Technical Support
  • Affordability
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  • Fantastic product and first class support!

    "Our company's been using Flynn Systems Corporation for about ten years. They offer a very good product that meets our needs, and their customer service is second to none."

  • Easy validation of our designs.

    "We've been using Flynn Systems Corporation for eight years. They are very flexible and willing to engage with the customer early on during development to enable rapid phototyping. I would recommend them!"

  • They bend over backwards to support your company's needs.

    "Flynn Systems Corporation develops boundary scans for our new products. With Flynn, you have the option of either using them just for their credible software, or you can throw them a bunch of data and let them take care of everything."

  • It's been a very pleasant experience.

    "We use Flynn Systems Corporation for interconnect testing and flash programming. The service has been good. They are very responsive and have been able to get all of our questions answered in a timely fashion. It's been nine or ten years now."

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