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Posted on January 20, 2018 in Boundary Scan, Boundary Scan Test, JTAG Boundary Scan

Are you new to boundary scans and JTAG? Take a look at this quick guide to understanding what exactly it means, and why JTAG is essential. JTAG stands for Joint Test Action Group. When referred to as part of a boundary scan test, it means computer chips and electronic devices that are made according to […]

We are constantly exposed to new situations in boundary scan test and new approaches to using boundary scan to achieve better test fault coverage. One item standing in the way of higher, more accurate fault coverage is common tri-state control cells.

                                                                                     Written by: Dr. Ami Gorodetsky of JTAG.TECT Please follow this link for the original Russian: View Dr. Ami Gorodetsky’s blog: In the 7th paper of our “JTAG and DFT Basics Tutorial” series we had briefly examined the software basics of US based Flynn Systems’ ( ) onTAP Boundary Scan system that is […]

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