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FS-6000circuit trace Boundary Scan Software for tracing and testing circuitry on PCBs
Perpetual license features include TAP infrastructure tests, trace selected or all PCB connections, wiggle pins, monitor non-JTAG signal activity, scripting, GPIO-direct drive controller TAP pins, multiple JTAG chains, compose circuit model from BSDL files only, circuit browser, pin and net constraints and one TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller.

$ 995

FS-6001onTAP circuit trace Pro Boundary Scan Software
Perpetual License includes all features of the basic circuit trace, plus SVF* Runner for testing PCBs, programming FPGA and FLASH, CAD netlist reader, netlist browser and one onTAP JTAG Controller.

*SVF - Serial Vector Format files
$ 1,995

FS-7002onTAP Boundary Scan Software Full Development & SVF (Serial Vector Format files) Runner for Boundary Scan Test Suite
Perpetual license includes full development for boundary scan interconnect and cluster tests for non-JTAG parts plus FLASH programming, precision pin-level diagnostic messages, extensive tool-kit for development and debug, ProScan visual debugger and one TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller.

$ 8,225*

FS-9502onTAP Manufacturing Test Only License
Perpetual License organizes and runs SVF files from onTAP Development as well as third-party programming files, ProScan visual debugger with precision pin-level diagnostics messages for PCB faults and one TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller.
FS-9402onTAP DLL License
Perpetual License--API Instruction set links to third-party Test Executives to run onTAP and third-party SVF files, includes all diagnostics messaging and reporting as the onTAP MTO and one TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller.
$ 2,250*

FS-9165onTAP TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller$ 785.00

FS-9163onTAP TAP CONNECT JTAG Low Voltage Controller$ 785.00

Low Voltage/Low Impedance Controller
$ 895.00

FS-9055onTAP Network License Manager
Issues licenses to multiple clients
Call for Pricing
Pricing varies depending number of Client Licenses
*Multiple Seat Discounts Available

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