Product Comparisons

Featurescircuit tracecircuit trace Pro onTAP for ManufacturingonTAP for Development
Dual channel 30MHz JTAG controller includedYYYY
Trace PCB connections
• TAP infrastructure tests
• trace selected or all PCB connections
• wiggle pins
• monitor non-JTAG signal activity
• Scripting
• GPIO-direct drive unused controller TAP pins
• multiple JTAG chains
• compose circuit model from BSDL files only
• Circuit browser
• Pin and net constraints
FPGA and FLASH programming via SVF filesYYY
CAD netlist readers
• Netlist browser
SVF Runner for manufacturing
• Runs SVF test and programming files
• Precision pin-level diagnostics and test reports
• Manager and administrator security protection
Automatic JTAG test generation
• interconnect tests
• non-JTAG circuit cluster tests
• transparency models for non-JTAG devices
• Pin-level diagnostics
Examine SVF – debug tool
• waveform display
• test values at each pin
• highlights test failures
• synch to netlist browser

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