Boundary Scan Test Fault Insertion

Use this function to: Check the fault coverage of your test for a specific fault condition. Insert an open fault without modifying your board or test fixture. Validate that your test is working as expected. How to Insert Faults 1. Create a file FaultInsert.txt in your...

Built In Self Test (BIST)

Tests may be defined in script files which may then be translated into executable Serial Vector Format (SVF) files. The general approach is to

onTAP Managing Differential I/O Pairs

To manually specify differential pairs, proceed through test development, to the SETTINGS PAGE and click the Identify Differential Pairs button.

onTAP Supported Netlist Readers

These are some of the available netlist formats. If your netlist reader is not supported, just contact Flynn Systems and we’ll make one for your project. Netlist Format File Extensions Comments GenRad .CKT For ATE at Board Test GenCad .NET EDIF .EDN or .EDF  Allegro...