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Posted on March 21, 2012 in onTAP, onTAP JTAG Blog, onTAP Reviews, Product News

SMT Magazine: “onTAP Software includes every feature necessary to develop tests for complex multi-board assemblies without expensive add-ons. Apart from performing interconnect or CPLD/FLASH programming, this software also has the capability of developing custom cluster tests.”

Current and potential customers of onTAP Boundary Scan Solutions, and onTAP Series 4000 are able to use some of StarTest’s hardware and software solutions (DIMM/SODIMM External Modules, TAP Distributor and Bridge-For-Testability hardware tools, Operator Fault Spotlight software tool), as built-in features of the onTAP Boundary Scan Solution, usable throughout the users’ product lifecycle, including volume manufacturing and in-the-field troubleshooting and repair.

                                                                                     Written by: Dr. Ami Gorodetsky of JTAG.TECT Please follow this link for the original Russian: http://www.jtag-test.ru/JTAGUniversity/articles/12-PE_6_2009.php View Dr. Ami Gorodetsky’s blog: http://moodle.cs.huji.ac.il/cs08/course/view.php?id=67703 In the 7th paper of our “JTAG and DFT Basics Tutorial” series we had briefly examined the software basics of US based Flynn Systems’ (www.flynn.com ) onTAP Boundary Scan system that is […]

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