onTAP Series 4000 Overview

Develop Your Boundary Scan Solution with Confidence!

Now with ProScan, onTAP delivers a complete, highly automated, graphical, robust boundary scan solution!

  • IEEE 1149.1 BSDL Syntax Checker
  • Netlist-based ATG supports over two dozen CAD netlist formats
  • Intuitive, Graphical Interface for Development and Debug with Netlist Browser
  • ProScan Enabled Development and MTO!
  • Multiple JTAG chains
  • Flash Programming
  • Cluster Tests (DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, SRAM...)
  • GPIO + TAP Serializer Board
  • LabVIEW™ Ready DLL
  • TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller - USB High Speed Programming and Test Controller (standard, low voltage or low voltage/low impedance)
  • Automated Interconnect Tests feature onTAP JTAG test generator and run-time screens
  • Auto-Chain Detect
  • ISP for CPLDs/FPGAs
  • Differential I/O (e.g., Broadcom devices)
  • Netlist merge for multiple netlists
  • Exclusive Mid-State Shorts Detection
  • High level DTS test scripting language with C-like flow control
  • onTAP-Specific Interconnect Test for more comprehensive fault coverage.

Download onTAP Product Features and Screen Tour

Flynn Systems maintains its focus on developing and providing a comprehensive and reliable boundary scan / JTAG tool set that delivers robust boundary scan solutions. This, coupled with the highest possible test fault coverage, creates the best value for the customer. Built on 10 years of boundary scan experience and expertise, continuous product developments, and customer input, Flynn Systems introduces the IEEE 1149 compliant onTAP Series 4000 Boundary Scan Software and Hardware package featuring ProScan, our graphical JTAG test debug environment.

Experience the features and robust solutions that make onTAP Series 4000 so valuable.

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