onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board

The need to organize and test multiple boards or JTAG chains individually is a common challenge for engineers.

Flynn Systems has created the onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board as a cost effective utility board to deliver onTAP users the organization and flexibility required to easily test and program multiple JTAG chains.

The onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board’s capability to test multiple boards / JTAG chains is enhanced by having 196 CPLD based drive and capture points to easily make measurements of the UUTs for greater power during debug.

  • JTAG Tap Serializer for 1-4 JTAG Chains
  • VREF Voltage Sources from 1.8 – 5V
  • Independent 196 GPIO Drive and Capture Test Points

Key features of the onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board include:

Boundary scan/JTAG application serializer for up to 4 boundary scan applications and 196 GPIO pins.

  • Organized and straightforward test setup
  • JTAG TAP Serializer for 1 – 4 JTAG Chains
  • Automatic level shifting and buffering as required at each JTAG port.
  • Connect via simple flying leads or ribbon cable – same as onTAP USB JTAG Test cable
    • Works with external and internal voltage reference
  • VREF voltage sources 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V available on board
  • 196 CPLD based GPIO lines per board adjustable to internal or external VREF

Each onTAP Serializer and GPIO board comes with:

  • User Guide
  • 5VDC Wall Adaptor
  • 2 IDC Ribbon Cable
  • 3 Fly Lead Adaptors
  • 5 Jumper Wires
  • Hard, hinged covers are available.

Download onTAP Serializer and GPIO Product Brief

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