onTAP ProScan

Increases test visibility, improves boundary scan tests.

ProScan is Flynn Systems’ proprietary, graphical debug environment that increases visibility to your JTAG tests.  ProScan is a standard feature on the Development and MTO systems. The diagnostic messages pinpoint failures, and direct you to the failing pins in the graphical screen.  It grants users access to the pins by enabling functions for pin wiggling, single stepping, and the capability to make changes to test properties by setting guards, toggling pins, reviewing test reports, and browsing netlists all from one screen.  Achieve productivity gains with increased visibility and test fault coverage on your PCBs in prototyping and during board manufacture.

Boost fault coverage, productivity, and Q.A:

  • Graphical control  panel for all JTAG debug and test development
  • Built-in pin level diagnostics pin-point faults
  • Automated guard setting eliminates guess work
  • Manual override guard setting
  • Graphical netlist browser
  • Built-in test details page
  • Pin wiggle and single step features enables total control.
  • Re-compile and run tests
  • Tests are reusable

onTAP ProScan Graphical Debug Environment PDF Describing the Attributes of onTAP ProScan JTAG Debugger

JTAG Test Graphical Debugger

Graphical Debug: Built-in Pin-level Diagnostics & Netlist Browser

After you run your test, follow the pin-level diagnostic messages in the ProScan environment as they direct you to the failing pins and vectors. The message box in the top left corner will tell you which pin is failing.  By simply clicking on the pin name, you will be directed to the exact location in the main screen.From this point, you are able to toggle the pin, set guards, re-compile, and re-run the test.  If you need more information regarding the failure, or desire to see how and where the failing pin(s) are connected, use the built-in Netlist Browser to drill down through the netlist to the failing pin(s).  You are able to set guards, or put devices/pins in bypass mode to facilitate the debug process, while the .fail file captures and records the list of test failures.

Set Guards

Guards assist test development and debug efforts by allowing users to protect circuits, safely bring up core tests with new projects, develop specialized tests, override values, and debug applications. onTAP enables users to set guards, and change guard settings from several places during test development and debug.  However, ProScan facilitates quick and easy guard setting by simply clicking on the desired pin, and selecting the type of guard you need to set from a drop down menu.

Single Step & Toggle Pins

During debug ProScan enables you to pick a pin, and single-step through the test to view pin behavior leading up to the failure.  Toggle the pin in question, or related pins to more accurately diagnose the failure.

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