When using a third party test executive, choose onTAP’s DLL.

Whether plugging into a test executive, or running as a plug-in to your own interface, onTAP's DLL can be linked to and run from third party test executives such as, National Instruments' LabVIEW.  Flynn Systems provides GUI demo programs written in C++ and C# showing you how to link the onTAP DLL to your test executive.

Use onTAP JTAG tests with LabVIEW™ or other test executives!

  • LabVIEW ready
  • Run onTAP tests while using  third party test executives.
  • DLL can be used with USB Node Locked license, portable USB license or onTAP Network License
  • onTAP Network License Manager provides access to onTAP over your network
  • Secure, portable, flexible license solutions

JTAG DLL for Third Party Test

DLL- Run with 3rd Party Test Executives and ATE Test Equipment

Run pre-developed onTAP boundary scan tests using the onTAP Development tool and run those tests in different environments, such as NI LabVIEW™ or Teradyne ATE Test Equipment.  The onTAP DLL enables you to use onTAP developed JTAG tests with third-party test executive that accepts DLLs.  This capability allows users to run onTAP JTAG tests in conjunction with other diagnostics to increase overall test coverage.Increase the flexibility of the onTAP DLL by using the USB license or the Flynn Systems' Network License Manager.

onTAP DLL & Licenses

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