Meet circuit trace…

an easy, effective low-cost method to program and verify connectivity on your PCBs

onTAP circuit trace lets you quickly and easily measure and control boundary scan pins on your PC boards. With circuit trace you can debug, test and program your circuit boards—especially those boards that have limited test access for oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

Beginning with the basic capability to trace circuit connections, circuit trace adds a rich, natural language scripting tool that enables algorithmic flexibility for driving and sensing JTAG and TAP pins.


Let circuit trace find the faults for you.


Manage pins and pin groups with circuit trace scripting.



Works with or without a netlist—

  •  Use CAD netlists (see Input files) or  let circuit trace build a netlist from BSDL files
  •  Test unlimited connections at once
  •  Supports unlimited boundary scan chains
  •  Test logic clusters

Save time with tracing—

with one simple menu selection, trace connections on just one circuit or trace all circuits on the board.


  •  Run script programs to test JTAG and non-JTAG logic
  •  SVF files—runs SVF files to program FLASH, FPGAs and CPLDs or run SVF files imported from onTAP software


Each circuit trace license includes a TAP CONNECT JTAG Controller with an embedded license–so easy, so convenient!

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