The JTAG STIL Player applies STIL files (IEEE Std 1450) to JTAG (IEEE Std 1149.x) ports and reports test results in a ribbon-style Windows UI with docking panels.  The Player relates STIL Macros to JTAG state changes,  BSDL file register selections, as well as data written to and from target device registers.  When a STIL file is played, a JTAG protocol file is produced showing each STIL instruction in terms of JTAG nomenclature. The bit positions of failing register data are flagged so one mouse click navigates back to source instructions in a STIL file or locations in a JTAG protocol file.

The UI organizes projects and files and provides a variety of viewing and test tools such as an ability to set breakpoints and single-step for test and debug purposes.  The software can be downloaded for evaluation and a related USB-based JTAG controller and eval license is available at sales@flynn.com.  Licensing is perpetual and includes one year of technical support. Annual technical support is also available.  Installation is via a digitally signed Microsoft .msi file.


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