onTAP Video Tutorials

These brief video tutorials will help get you comfortable with onTAP and teach you how to set up onTAP to develop, run and debug your boundary scan tests. Stay tuned for more videos that will guide you to maximizing the benefits of onTAP!

Watch these videos to:

  • Learn how to install and run onTAP
  • Learn how to set up and run a test
  • Learn the key features and benefits, and how to make the most of them
  • Learn how to make your boundary scan experience better and easier!

Learn why boundary scan and JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) are the best approaches to PCB test, system verification, prototyping, and debugging.

Shows how the TAP controller operates within a JTAG network. Step-by-step analysis of the TAP state machine and timing diagram.

onTAP circuit trace lets you quickly and easily measure and control boundary scan pins on your PC boards. With circuit trace, you can debug, test, and program your circuit boards — especially those boards that have limited test access for oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

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