Benefits of Circuit Trace Tests

Posted on March 1, 2019

Technology is everywhere in today’s world.  Keeping yourself protected is a must. Beyond your personal information, your equipment needs to stay up to date as well.  Bugs and viruses are common occurrences.  onTAP circuit trace tests allow you to quickly and easily measure boundary scan pins on your PC.  Circuit trace adds a rich, natural language scripting tool that enables algorithmic flexibility for driving and sensing JTAG and TAP pins.  Furthermore, onTAP circuit trace tests allow you to test, debug, and program circuit boards. This type of testing is especially important with boards that have limited test access for oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.

Save Time

Offering one easy to use menu selection, trace connects on one, or all, circuits within the board.  Thus making circuit trace tests a beneficial and time saving process.  Further, the ability to test unlimited connections at once keeps productivity at its maximum capacity.


In addition, Flynn Systems has created a system that allows for optimum user flexibility.  Users can now run script programs to test JTAG and non-JTAG logic.  This ability allows the user to test multiple levels of functionality.  As well as, the ability to run SVF files to program Flash, FPGAs, and CPLDs, or run SVF files imported from onTAP software.


If you are looking for an easy, effective, low-cost method to program and verify connectivity to your PCBs, consider onTAP circuit trace testing.  For more information on the products offered by Flynn Systems Corporation, visit them online or email: