30 MHz High Speed Boundary Scan Testing & Programming

Sep 17, 2009

Boundary scan testing and programming is gaining popularity with designers, developers, and as a result, manufacturers. It is the responsibility of boundary scan test vendors to develop and provide end users with tools that are faster, more flexible, more robust, and more cost effective those previously available. 
The onTAP JTAG Controller delivers onTAP Boundary Scan software users a fast, flexible, PC based, high speed test and programming tool.   Flynn Systems designed this device from the ground up, with usability in mind.
JTAG test and programming with Flynn Systems onTAP TAP connect USB Cable
This new controller is self powered at 3.3.V and built with two self adjusting JTAG ports, both capable of test and programming speeds up to 28.8MHz. It also has an external voltage, adjustable from 1.8V to 4.5V. The new USB driver for the onTAP  JTAG Controller enables users to test multiple JTAG chains faster, smoother, with more responsiveness. Aside from all of the features, one of the greatest benefits is this new cable cuts flash programming times by half. 
The onTAP  JTAG Controller can be run with other of the same cables to expand test and programming capability.