PC Based Parallel JTAG Testing

Jul 22, 2009

Flynn Systems provides the best JTAG boundary scan test software with their onTAP series 4000 with ProScan

Flynn Systems Corp announces support for PC based parallel JTAG testing and programming. Keeping with the value based approach to delivering boundary scan test solutions, Flynn Systems has harnessed the power of the multi-core processor to divide tasks, enabling users to simultaneously test and program multiple applications without speed penalties. 

This type of functionality adds to the overall ease of use and increases productivity in a design, prototype, and especially manufacturing environment. Ryan Flynn, Director of Marketing for Flynn Systems states, “Our customers have been searching for a way to make this possible with onTAP. We have explored PXI and PCIe, which are still developments we intend to offer, but the greatest need was for our customers to have increased flexibility in test and programming in the design, prototype, and manufacturing environment at a very low cost.” The release of this function precedes the anticipated arrival of the new 30MHz USB JTAG Test and Programming cable Flynn Systems plans to release mid-summer 2009.
Flynn Systems continues to develop and deliver new tools that improve user experience by making tools that expand the capability one has with IEEE 1149.X JTAG standards while maintaining their philosophy of providing the best possible tools at the best possible price. Keep an eye out for new developments from Flynn Systems throughout 2009.

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